My family has been growing wine for more than 800 years, and during this time wine making has changed enormously. For me it is interesting to see that many wine makers, not surprisingly the best, have returned to the pathway that we never left.


We at the Domaine Prive are used to thinking in terms of generations, not election periods. To us ecological wine making is not an invention, it is what we have always done. Our wine estate in the Petite Fine Champagne will continue to have healthy soil a hundred years from now, as we believe it is merely borrowed from the generations to come, and is not there to be exploited by our generation.

Guided by the great and famous wine makers, more and more vintners are learning that the current EU view of agriculture is unsustainable. Their exploitation of soil and plants, and bench marking of quality based on the lowest common denominator only achieves results in the short term and has no longevity.

Now, that more and more wine makers have learned that lesson, there is a new golden calf: - The artificial manipulation of wine and Cognac in the wine cellar. We wine lovers are facing just the start of this abhorrent development.

It is however unfortunately true that there are less and less people who understand the soul of wine. Wine is the preservation of what the terroir and the vintage enables us to achieve. Wine should be the reflection of the soil and the grape variety, and it is the terroir that makes the wine unique.

Most worldwide wine sales are handled through discount warehouses because the consumer wants to drink the wine immediately. That is in direct opposition to the nature of wine. A good wine lives, it develops in the bottle, it gains in depth of taste and variety of aromas.
A good wine tells you the story of the soil it grew in, the treatment the vine plant received from the vintner, and the year the grapes ripened.

To read the soul of wine requires time. But instead of a culture that buys the necessary times to enjoy the creation, avaricious politicians put us into a straight jacket and pull the strings tighter and tighter.

Our Domaine Prive rejects this Zeitgeist. Our wine, Cognac and Cap Classique have character and heritage, which requires time and care. We do not ‘design’ wines, our wines are true to themselves.

Our Wines, Cognac and Cap Classique, offer you something prestigious yet totally natural, a celebration of life itself..

Gods Blessing,

Yours, Markus Graf Matuschka von Greiffenclau.

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